Great new things ready to add to the floor equals . . . new displays!

Well what can we do with all these lovely new things? Betty and Ruth’s fall selections of furniture, pillows, and accessories from the Las Vegas market are now in the store and they need showing off! Before we rearrange the entire store for the fall season, Jane and I snuck some of the gorgeous pieces into our front window display. I hope you come by and see them – the window display glistens! Wow, all in one place!

Elegant mercury glass accessories and silver lamps (yup, more new pieces) totally inspired us and we really wanted to show them off to the world. Into the window they went along with a sofa, two armchairs, and a darling sofa table. Choosing from all the amazing colors, shapes and sizes of pillows was so much fun.

Window Armchair Fall 2014

 How about red as an accent color! We love how it pops against the textured neutrals. Sparkling next to the
textures of the lamps and hanging rug are the mercury glass candle holders that inspired us. The pillows on the sofa
also have wonderful textures with felted wool stars and white beaded flora. And that sweet little ottoman!!!

Armchair 1 Fall 2014Armchair 2 Fall 2014

These armchairs are comfy and a perfect size for smaller spaces. Fold-out leaves on the sofa table
make it incredibly useful as an additional casual dining table or desk.

Lamp and Mercury Glass Fall 2014

Shiny, shiny mercury glass and silver tones look great placed on natural wicker.

Sofa Table Fall 2014

‘Life is Beautiful’ is the etched quote on the glass jar.
Well, we are not quite finished with the window display,
but I think we have made our own good start on a beautiful fall season.

What do you think?



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