Happy, happy, happy! Joy, joy, joy!

I was reminded by one of my recent interior design graduates that it was time to enter the 21st century.  So here I am with the support of the team to write our first blog.


I was pulled begrudgingly to this page but as I reflected on the journey of the business development  I realized how very blessed and grateful I am for how Ravnik & Co. got to this point.  The 15 year transformation has been slow which allowed us to get wide and deep.  The retail component has never been so strong and the interior design side continues to build upon its strengths and relationships.  In January I asked Ashley if there was anything she wanted to change about the business? She said for the design studio and retail store to be one, to be a family.  Who said the elders have all the wisdom?  Thanks to Ashley we have now made the transition to one company, one name and four great designers calling Ravnik and Co. their family.  In future blog posts, Ashley and I look forward to sharing projects, design trends and other muses with you.  Ruth and Jane are anxious to share the wonderful new items coming into the store.  Thank you for listening and we all look forward to you coming back for more.  I leave you with my mantra:

Happy, Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Joy!

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